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This summer Assam Classic when blended with our select spices, make for a lovely evening cup when you would like to wind down from a busy day or for people who like to start their day with a mellow and invigorating Chai taste.

Assam Single Estate Certified Organic Tea Leaves Caffeine – Medium


Summer flush Assam tea are typically strong and brisk and are preferred so. But we have chosen for our Chai Brew, a specific summer black tea for those who prefer a lighter Assam tea that makes a good character with its earthy flavours.

Its mystique is around its clean and smooth flavour. Neither too heavy nor too light, it’s right in the middle with genteel rolling of spiciness in the background. This tea can be consumed with or without milk and with or without sweetener and still gives you a bold character without any briskness to it and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Dry leaves



Aroma Soft notes of fresh green leaves, molasses and hints of spices. Hints of maple syrup, herbs, cardamom. Gentle aroma of mellow spice and sweetness of maple
Appearance Tightly rolled black leaves, some with brown hues and broken spices. Dark Amber. Dark beige.
Taste The amber liquor is clean and medium-bodied. Notes of earth and wood stretch through the cup. Gentle sweetness of maple syrup as undernotes and with distant note of herbs and spice. Tannins are sharp at the tip of the tongue but mellow once swallowed leaving a fresh and clean finish. The addition of milk erases any hints of grassy feel. The well-balanced spices, tea and milk play a game of earth, water and air to take your taste buds on a tender ride of tasteful sensations. The symphony of cinnamon, cardamom and liquorice rolls gently at the back of the palate. These taste sensations leave you uplifted with a clean and crisp finish.
Compliments Ideal with buttered toast, pancake, banana bread, tea cake, jam and scones, dips and crackers, samosas.

4 reviews for Chai Brew – Sorry! SOLD OUT!

  1. 5 out of 5

    Amit from Camberwell

    A perfectly refreshing chai.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Noelene from Bendigo

    “It feels like such a treat drinking the Chai, it’s so full of flavour”

  3. 4 out of 5

    Sonali from Melbourne

    Love this Chai. Just shared a cup of hot chai with a friend and just loved it. Really nice and invigorating. Nothing can beat this.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Rani Samant – Herbalist, Naturopath and Doctor of Ayurvedic medicine.

    Being a doctor of Ayurvedic medicine and Herbalist, I always look for a chai blend which has traditional spices and its health benefits. I was lucky to find a perfect blend of traditional spices in Chai Brew. All I could say was ‘Wow’ I have found the perfect chai and I want more.

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